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From PractiX

by ScriptSoft!

Your practice is evolving and practice software is constantly changing too! Our tailored PractiX Conversions can help you safely and accurately convert your PractiX data to any of our destination software packages.

Don’t get stuck with software that’s out of date. Get in touch today to see how ScriptSoft can help you convert your practice management software with minimal fuss.

PractiX Support came to an end in January 2018. You may have been one of the lucky few who managed to get a MIMS extended licence and if so, you may be able to continue using PractiX for a short time. If you haven’t already migrated to a new software package, you should start thinking seriously about converting.

With the ScriptSoft PractiX conversions, we can take your existing PractiX database and convert it to any of our destination software packages. We send our specialist data conversion PC to your practice and perform the conversion onsite so that your data never leaves your practice. We can also perform the final conversion overnight so there is minimal downtime and minimal fuss for your practice.

As a standard conversion, we convert:

  • Patient Information
  • Contacts
  • Allergies/Alerts
  • Current Medications
  • Scripts
  • Immunisations
  • Appointments
  • Document and Letters
  • Recalls
  • Measurements
  • Pathology Reports
  • Consultation Notes
PractiX to Medical Director Conversion

During this conversion, we can also merge and split your PractiX database to include, remove or add practitioners from separate databases or practices. Please get in touch to discuss your exact needs.

Once we have completed the initial conversion, you can log into our PC and test your destination software to see what YOUR data looks like in the new package and confirm that everything has been transferred as required. Once you are happy with the initial conversion, we can then book in a Go Live conversion and perform an incremental update to the data overnight in preparation for you to start using the new package overnight. Our incremental conversions usually take less than 8 hours!

Get in touch about our PractiX Conversions!

If you are still on PractiX, then what are you waiting for? Get in touch today for a quote.