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Data Extraction

by ScriptSoft

You see a client, they leave and come back again in 3 years time looking for information. Ah ha – You have a backup! That’s great, but now you just need to access the data. If you have some data locked away in an old database or file somewhere, we can help get you quick access so you can get on with your job.

Whether you have an old software package, database, file or backup. We may be able to help extract data for you. If you have current data and need it presented in a different format for research or reporting, we can help. Scriptsoft has over 20 years experience with different data formats and storage types including many of the top commercial and open source database engines.

On top of this, we can use your data to build new business insight dashboards so you can have an at-a-glance view of all your business metrics. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power; so let us unlock your full business potential.

Let us free your data and take the strain off you.